Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Enterprise Day in UBD

A lot of friends asking, "How's Enterprise Day?"

Overall, it's not bad, successful and it's an experience being an entrepreneur.

It was not easy like what I expected in the beginning, because there was a lot of things that you need to deal with before, on and after the Enterprise Day.
We need to deal with the purchases of stock, the financial management, setting up booth, decorations of attract visitors, dividing the work, how to work efficiently on the day, etc.

Discussing before the fair starts.
I was so worried on that morning, because there was a lot of things that I had not think of,
and worried whether there are things that are missing and forgot to discuss with the team.

Most of the booths were selling foods.
This is actually our business project, and we were told that every group have to do different kind of business, and not allowed to have the same business as other groups.
It ended up one booth selling Nasi lemak, one selling $2 foods, one selling steamboat, one selling BBQ, one selling healthy Pita, one selling ice-cream, etc.
And these are all FOOODS! LOL

And you can find that customers are really aiming for foods only.

Healthy Pita booth

We were selling beauty products

and Healthy Steamboat

These masks are from Australia, Taiwan and Korea.
I thought these can sell good.


I was wrong.

I never expect Bra Stick was the popular one on that day.

If you don't know what a Bra Stick is....

If you ever tried wearing a nude bra, it actually doesn't lift up your boobs.
But Bra Stick is like an invisible bra, and can lift up your boobs, and the shape of your boobs would look nicer when it's lifted up.

We ordered pool bouncer, and I was wet~~ lol

When it was almost the end of the Enterprise Day, we started to have promotions.
From $3 eat all you can to EAT FOR FREE!!!

When you say FREE, people would start approaching your booth.

Ice-cream for FREE!

After that, have the place cleaned up,

played the pool bouncer,

got wet,

and that's the end of Enterprise Day.

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