Friday, April 8, 2011

You must stop by...

Later gonna be a very good Friday, because I'll be doing something I like to do!

I'm gonna meet up the boss and get the stock for Enterprise Day this Saturday and Sunday.

Yes, I love doing these kind of things like setting up booths and sell things, and making money.
This is my first time setting up a booth, with capital invested in, with time for thinking ideas and preparing things, and hoping for profit.

My group will be setting up a booth there. So do come and support!
My booth name is Indulgence.

Not sure which location yet, and tomorrow we are going to have a draw to choose our location for the booth. Hope we can get electricity because I need a laptop to support my sales.
Guess videos may be persuasive instead of keep telling people, "This is well known in Taiwan, etc etc", as if they trust you.

My booth has 2 parts. One is selling finger foods and another is beauty products ^^

Now, I'm gonna design the posters and prepare things to make us work very convenient on that day.

See you on Saturday and Sunday ^^

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