Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Never expecting the Latino Jazz

I don't go out with JS often, but whatever we do, is what I never expected before.
It's always very last minute, and I always feel surprise.

This time he called and asked me to watch the Latino Jazz @ Francophonie week.
I saw a lot of advert about this Francophonie week, the 1st thing I thought was "Yaying for sure will be watching this shows." and I never expect I would watch any of these shows.

Like I really really really really never expect okay~
When you say French, it doesnt sound like my thing.

When JS asked me, I kept repeating, "Just to listen music?" "JUST music?" in a very tiring + may be not interested voice.

Since it was Saturday night, then fine, let's do something meaningful and watch something I never watch before. So I went to show this show!

The teaser, very rock, very high!
My mind was "wow, Latino Jazz not bad woooo, very high wo~"
But after that, we realized it was just a teaser.

The audiences, mostly ang mohs

This is the Latino Jazz.
Love the pianist, he was very feel!
How good was that if there was a cafe, drinking cocktail/nice drinks. Then it would be perfect.
Latino Jazz is very relax, nice.
I felt like I'm in a bar.... ^^

A short clip of the Latino Jazz:

What's the next unexpected thing we will be doing? lol

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